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Talking to Children about Death or the Serious Illness of a Loved One: Responding to Your Children’s Feelings and Concerns

talking to children about death book titled Emma's QuestionTalking to children about death or the serious illness of a loved one is challenging. When a parent, grandparent or other loved one is not well, children often experience a wide range of emotions and may express those feelings in ways adults find surprising or even disturbing. How can you help your child make sense of a difficult and scary situation, especially when your own sadness and fear get in the way? Both Marti and Erin bring firsthand experience to this important discussion. And Catherine Urdahl, author of the lovely children’s picture book Emma’s Question, brings her insight and experience to bear on the topic as well.


What has been your experience in talking to children about death or the serious illness of a loved one? Describe some of the feelings you and your children experienced. How easy or difficult do you think it was for you and your children to express those feelings or ask the questions that were on your mind? What new insights or ideas did you hear in this Mom Enough discussion about how to create a safe place for your children to work through their sadness, fears and concerns? Leave a comment below!

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