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What is Environmental Health: Updates from Science to Help Protect Our Families

What is Environmental Health Guest Dr. Bill ToscanoWhat is environmental health? In recent years we’ve become increasingly aware of threats to our children’s health posed by such widely-used products as lead-based paints, hormone-laced milk and toxic plastics. It can feel overwhelming to try to figure out what we should avoid, use with caution or not worry about at all. This week’s guest, Dr. Bill Toscano, head of Environmental Health Sciences in the U of M’s School of Public Health, has research-based answers to Marti & Erin’s questions on this important topic, with practical tips on steps we can take to keep our home environments as healthy as possible. He also tells us about reliable resources that will help us stay on top of newly-emerging information about environmental health.


What did you learn from this week’s Mom Enough show that was new or surprising about environmental health and toxins that could compromise your family’s health? Thinking about products you have in your home, what should you replace with less toxic options? How will you continue to stay informed about environmental influences on your children’s health? Leave a comment below!


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