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In Search of a Good Night’s Sleep: Practical Tips from Dr. Harvey Karp

Harvey Karp Guide to Great Sleep bookOne of the most common frustrations among parents is the difficulty of getting their kids to go to sleep and stay asleep. And of course that brings the added frustration of not getting enough sleep yourself. But Dr. Harvey Karp, widely read parenting author, offers proven tools and techniques for helping children of all ages (and their parents!) get the sleep they need. You won’t want to miss this valuable discussion based on Harvey’s book, The Happy Baby Guide to Sleep. (It’s not only about babies!)


How is bedtime going for your family? How well do your children sleep through the night? What strategies work best for you and your children to get a good night’s sleep? What new ideas did you get from this Mom Enough discussion with Dr. Harvey Karp? Leave a comment below!


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  1. JoAnne Kuhnau on September 4, 2014

    I love your show and listen every week. I especially liked this topic as it is such an issue for many of the parents I meet and work with. there are VERY helpful tips in here that I do and will be passing on to parents struggling with sleep issues with their children. I wonder though if there are any suggestions for when a parent shares a bedroom with the child. Many of the families I work with are low income and housing is very stressful. There are frequently problems of gong to sleep but also awakening and when mom is present in the room this seems to be more challanging. Thank you.

  2. Marti Erickson on September 7, 2014

    JoAnne, thanks so much for your very kind comments about Mom Enough. We’re so glad you listen! You raise a very good question about families who don’t have the space to allow children and parents to sleep in separate rooms. I’m familiar with that situation from my own work with families in poverty and living in crowded conditions, and I’ve learned from some of those resourceful parents who have found ways to improve the quality of sleep for themselves and their children. Some of their ideas include running a fan at night to create white noise to mask variations in sound; using partitions between beds of family members (maybe even just a curtain); eliminating all electronics from the bedroom to reduce both noise and light. And of course, calm bedtime rituals started well before bedtime can improve sleep even in crowded conditions. Overall, your question reminds me what a luxury it is to have enough space for separate bedrooms — a luxury most families around the world (and many in our own cities) don’t have. All the best to you and the families you serve!

  3. Sejal Fichadia on November 4, 2014

    I absolutely look forward to listening to your podcasts and get so mych valuable information as a mother and a postpartum doula. I cannot thank you enough for being open and honest about your struggles and how a lot of the guests on your show do the same. Your show seems to be unbiased and I find it very helpful.
    Thank you,