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Challenges & Opportunities: Dr. Laurence Steinberg Explains What Brain Science Tells Us About Helping Adolescents Thrive

Guest Laurence Steinberg's "Age of Opportunity" bookAs parents, we often roll our eyes at the thought of our children becoming adolescents. How will we (and our children) survive this difficult period of development? But Dr. Laurence Steinberg, a Temple University professor and well-known author, has spent decades studying adolescents and has arrived at a much more positive view of what he terms “The Age of Opportunity” (the title of his latest book). Dr. Steinberg joins Marti & Erin for a rich and hopeful discussion of how recent research on the adolescent brain can inform the ways we guide our teens to a healthy, happy, productive adulthood.


What did you hear in this Mom Enough discussion with Laurence Steinberg that surprised you? In what ways might that information lead you to change the way you think about and/or parent your children before and during adolescence? Leave a comment below!


To read about Dr. Steinberg’s current research projects, click here.

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