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Effects of Media on Children: Knowing When and How to Let Media Be Part of Your Young Child’s Life

Guernsey,Lisa_book2As parents we get lots of different messages about the place of video and TV in our children’s lives. While ads claim some videos will make kids smarter, many experts say no media is good media for babies and toddlers. Yet the reality is that most parents resort at least occasionally to plopping their child in front of the TV, if only to buy some time to get dinner in the oven. This week’s guest, author Lisa Guernsey, joins Marti & Erin for a realistic discussion of the effects of media on children, guidelines for deciding what you will permit and practical tips for turning occasional media viewing into a positive learning experience for your young child.


What are the policies and practices about media use for the children in your family? Based on what you’ve learned about the effects of media on children and their development, to what extent do you think you are making good decisions (and helping your children learn to make good choices) about media? What would you like to do differently? Leave a comment below!

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