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Read to Succeed: Insights on How Parents and Teachers Can Promote Early Literacy Skills

Literacy Skills Guest Dr. Lori HelmanThe path to reading success starts long before a child walks through the school door. From the earliest conversations we have with our toddler to singing songs or playing rhyming games in the car, we are preparing our child for the reading and writing that will be so important to later school success. But what are the most important literacy skills for us to emphasize? What are signs that our child might not be developmentally on track? And when and how should we correct our child’s writing and spelling errors? Reading expert Dr. Lori Helman from the U of M’s Minnesota Center for Reading Research has answers to these literacy skills questions and more in this week’s show! This Mom Enough show is made possible thanks to the support of Help Me Grow.


What are some of the creative, fun ways you have found to build your child’s literacy skills? If your child is in preschool or elementary school, what do you know about the way reading and writing are taught and how your child is progressing? Think of one or two new things you could do to encourage your child’s love of reading and writing. Leave a comment below!


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