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How Technology Has Changed the Context of Parenting Teens: What Does That Mean for Parents and Their Children?

parenting teens book by Joani GeltmanThe explosion of new technologies over the last 20 years has opened a whole new world to children and teens, posing both opportunities and challenges for kids and parents alike. The adolescent years probably always have presented issues that make parents uncomfortable. But technology has raised the stakes in parenting teens with threats like online bullying, sexting and texting while driving – just to name a few. Drawing on her experience as a longtime social worker and student advisor, Joani Geltman offers guidance on all this and more in her new book, A Survival Guide to Parenting Teens: Talking to Your Kids about Sexting, Drinking, Drugs and Other Things that Freak You Out. Hear all about parenting teens in this week’s Mom Enough show!


What parenting issues make you uncomfortable or hesitant to discuss them with your child? How do you oversee your child’s access to technology and how well do you think your approach is preparing your child to use technology carefully and wisely? Leave a comment below!


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