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Anxiety in Children: Possible Causes, Helpful Strategies and Effective Treatments

anxiety in children guest Dr. Elizabeth ReeveDoes your child stress out in new situations, lose sleep over upcoming tests or become upset when things don’t go as planned? Anxiety affects many children and adults and often runs in families. But there are helpful steps you can take to ease your child’s anxiety and teach skills your child can use to manage his or her own stress. If your child’s anxiety is serious enough to interfere with learning, relationships and life enjoyment, a mental health professional can help find the most effective treatment. HealthPartners psychiatrist Dr. Elizabeth Reeve brings her knowledge and experience with anxiety in children to this lively discussion with Marti & Erin, who share a few stories of how anxiety shows up on their own family tree!


Does someone in your family struggle with anxiety? How does it show up and what has been helpful at home, at school or work and in professional treatment, if used? Leave a comment below!

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  1. JoAnne Kuhnau on November 26, 2014

    I think the new show hasn’t loaded on appropriately. When I click to play, it plays last weeks episode. Thank You.

  2. Stacy on November 26, 2014

    The issue with the audio has been resolved, JoAnne. Thank you for letting us know about this, and thank you for listening to our shows!