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Early Puberty in Girls Today: Causes, Effects and Practical Tips

Julianna Deardorff&Louise Greenspan_bookThe average age of the onset of puberty has dropped significantly in recent years, but research on probable early puberty causes yields some surprises that defy popular beliefs. Dr. Louise Greenspan and Dr. Julianna Deardorff, authors of The New Puberty: How to Navigate Early Development in Today’s Girls, join Marti & Erin in this week’s Mom Enough show for an informative discussion of some of the reasons behind early puberty and the consequences of this phenomenon. They also discuss practical steps parents can take to reduce the risk of early puberty and protect children from other possible harm from environmental toxins. Whatever the ages of your children, don’t miss this very important discussion.


What surprised you in this discussion of early puberty and some of the likely causes? What has been your experience with helping a child in your life understand and manage the physical and psychological changes associated with puberty? Leave a comment below!


For the lavender and tea tree oils study from the New England Journal of Medicine, click here.

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