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Moving Beyond Technology to Teach Your Child Relationship Skills for Life

Kuzmeski,Maribeth_bookDespite the hyper-connections today’s technology affords, many children are at a loss for words when it comes to connecting face-to-face – meeting someone new, receiving a gift graciously or welcoming friends to a birthday party. Marti & Erin were excited to discover that businesswoman Maribeth Kuzmeski and her teen daughter Lizzie have written a book packed with practical strategies to teach these important relationship skills to children of any age. And you will be delighted that Maribeth agreed to share these excellent ideas on this week’s Mom Enough show!


How are you teaching your child the communication and relationship skills that are important in adult life? What new ideas did you hear in this Mom Enough show and what are the first ones you will try with your child? Leave a comment below!

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