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In On It: How to Provide Support for Adoptive Parents and Their Children

support for adoptive parents guest Elisabeth O’Toole's bookA couple’s announcement of their decision to adopt often is at the midpoint of a journey that began long ago with dreams of their imagined family. As the prospective parents deal with all the uncertainties, questions and cumbersome processes of adoption, friends and family often are challenged to find ways to celebrate, support and even talk about this important life passage. Even long after the adoptive child is welcomed into the family, unique questions and challenges arise. But Elisabeth O’Toole, mother of three adopted children, has written a book packed with wisdom and practical advice for family, friends, teachers and others who wish to provide support for adoptive parents and their children on their journey of growing together.


Have you had personal experience with adoption? In what ways do you think adoption is different now than it was 20, 30 or 40 years ago? What insights did you gain from this Mom Enough show and how will that influence your response to providing support for adoptive parents or adopted children? Leave a comment below!

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