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Building on Your Family Strengths: Insights and Tips from the American Family Assets Study

family strengths guest Gene RoehkepartainFor decades, Search Institute has worked with communities around the world to build assets for promoting healthy youth development. Now Search Institute has turned their attention to “family assets,” attributes and practices that keep family relationships strong and individual family members strong and healthy. Gene Roehlkepartain, Vice President of Research and Development at Search Institute, joins Marti & Erin for an informative and inspiring discussion of family strengths and assets we all can develop in our own family lives.


On the Mom Enough website (momenough.com), look at the information about Search Institute’s family assets. What assets does your family have and what assets could you have if you decided to make some changes? What steps can you take this week to begin to increase your family’s assets? Leave a comment below!


For a list of the Family Assets Framework, click here.

For Search Institute’s website for parents, click here.

For Search Institute’s family strengths, click here.

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