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The Importance of Raising Young Entrepreneurs: A Conversation with John Hope Bryant, CEO of Operation HOPE

young entrepreneurs guest John Hope Bryant's bookChildren seem to be born young entrepreneurs, from selling mudpies to their mom to building a lemonade stand or dog-walking business for their neighbors. But what does it take to turn those rudimentary skills into larger lessons about budgets, credit, investments and banking? John Hope Bryant and his colleagues at Operation HOPE have worked with school districts and communities across the country, with a special focus on disadvantaged youth, to teach financial literacy and promote what Bryant calls “financial dignity.” He brings passion and inspiration to his young entrepreneurs conversation with Marti & Erin in this Mom Enough show.


How do you teach your young entrepreneurs about the value of money, saving, borrowing and working within a budget? What does your child’s school do to teach these concepts and what more would you like to see the school offer young entrepreneurs? Leave a comment below!


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