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The Whole-Brain Child: Dr. Dan Siegel’s Innovative Strategies for Nurturing Your Child’s Developing Mind

Siegel,Dan_bookWe all have experienced those moments when our child’s ability to reason seems to fly out the window and raw emotion takes over. Maybe we counter our child’s intense feelings with words of comfort and calm. Or maybe our own frustration rises and we begin to spin out of control. This week’s Mom Enough guest, UCLA clinical psychiatry professor and popular author Dr. Dan Siegel, draws on recent brain research to offer an effective and innovative framework for teaching our children to understand how their brains work and use that knowledge to achieve balance, insight and strategies for coping with frustration, disappointment and conflict. Marti & Erin are excited to use this framework with the children in their life and they think you will be too!


Think of a recent time when your child had a meltdown, a tantrum or an outburst of anger. How could you have reflected back to your child what was happening in his or her brain? How could this approach help you become more mindful of when your own “downstairs brain” begins to overwhelm your “upstairs brain,” to use Dr. Dan Siegel’s terms? Leave a comment below!


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