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Sensory and Motor Development in Young Children: Milestones, Red Flags and Helpful Tips

Campbell,Robin_hsFrom the first hours of life, babies interact with the world through touch and sensory exploration. As babies grow, their motor and sensory skills become more complex and purposeful. We sometimes take for granted that these domains of development will just unfold without special attention. But, as research shows, persistent problems with motor development or sensory behaviors often relate to neurological vulnerability and emotional difficulties as children get older. So, what should we be watching for? What kinds of activities are most supportive of good sensori-motor development? And how do we know if our child needs a formal assessment or services? Robin Campbell, clinical supervisor at St. David’s Center for Child & Family Development, brings years of experience to this week’s discussion with Marti & Erin.


What did you hear in this Mom Enough interview that was new or surprising? Think about the activities, baby gear and technological devices that are so common among young children today; to what extent and in what ways do you think these things might affect sensori-motor development, for better or worse? Leave a comment below!


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