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Connecting Children and Animals: Relaxation, Respect, Responsibility & More

children and animals guest Patty Born Selly's bookFrom the earliest years of life, children are naturally attracted to animals. Puppies, piranhas, squirrels, snakes – all are fascinating and all teach children important lessons in empathy, responsibility and the interconnectedness of all living things. Educator Patty Born Selly, author of the new book Connecting Children and Animals, joins Marti & Erin for a discussion that will help you understand how to ensure that your kids reap these benefits even if you’re not up for having pets.


Stay tuned after the interview with Patty for a brief Relationships that Nurture feature brought to you by St. David’s Center for Child & Family Development. Kathy Reason talks about the role of music therapy in services for children with special needs, including autism spectrum disorder.


How do you give your children experience with animals even if you don’t have pets? What specific things could you do to connect your children and animals? Why is this children and animals connection important to children’s health, learning and development? Leave a comment below!


For the Music Therapy tip sheet, click here.

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