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Reducing Materialism in Our Children & Teens: A Win-Win Approach from Author and Financial Expert Nathan Dungan

Dungan,Nathan_hs3Did you know that being less materialistic is associated with greater happiness? Nathan Dungan, founder of Share Save Spend and Mom Enough’s go-to source on kids and money, builds on previous research in a groundbreaking new study that shows how a 3-part learning intervention reduced materialism and increased self-esteem for adolescents who participated. Nathan joins Marti & Erin for a lively discussion about how to promote good values around money, how to give your kids choices and a voice in spending decisions even at very young ages, and how your children will benefit longterm from these practices. Marti & Erin are eager to try Nathan’s tips, and you will be too!


How do you involve your children in spending decisions? Based on what you heard in this Mom Enough discussion about reducing materialism, what concrete steps could you take to teach your children the value of money and good values about how to share, save and spend? Leave a comment below!


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