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How Children Succeed: A Conversation with Author Paul Tough

Tough,Paul_bookWe all want our children to succeed in school and life, but the qualities we think are most important are not always what matter most. After years of writing about education and child development for New York Times Magazine and other major publications, Paul Tough set out to learn from researchers and educators throughout the U.S. about what allows kids to thrive, often even in the face of great odds. His findings became the bestseller How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity & the Hidden Power of Character. Marti & Erin were delighted to have Paul join them for this week’s conversation about what he has learned through the writing of this book, as well as how Paul thinks this will influence the choices he makes in raising his own young son.


How do Paul Tough’s findings in his book How Children Succeed match what you have understood to be most important to your children’s success? Are there some things we, as a society, emphasize too much in trying to promote a child’s success? Are there some things we should emphasize more? How will these ideas shape your approach with your children? Leave a comment below!

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