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Silent Running: Strength and Resilience in the Face of Autism and Parental Illness

Schneider,Robyn_bookThis week’s Mom Enough guest is Robyn Schneider, whose twin sons were diagnosed at 21 months with autism spectrum disorder. As if the boys’ severe behavior problems and lack of communication skills weren’t challenge enough, Robyn’s husband had MS and, subsequently, Robyn was diagnosed with breast cancer. But through it all, running together became an oasis of peace and accomplishment for the family, as told in Silent Running, a new book Robyn wrote with Minnesota author Kate Hopper. Whatever challenge you face, this story of resilience will make you think in new ways about how to cope and thrive.


What purposes do you think running together – their silent running – has played in this family’s struggles? Have you had similar experiences during times of great challenge? Leave a comment below!


To watch the Silent Running book trailer, click here.

To read more about Robyn’s boys, click here.

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