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A New Vision for Outdoor Play: An Adventure Playground Conversation with Amy Fusselman, Author of “Savage Park”

Fusselman, Amy_bookWhen writer Amy Fusselman, her husband and young children had an opportunity for a long visit with a friend in Japan, they discovered a whole new kind of “adventure playground” that opened their eyes to a new of thinking about children’s safety, learning, creativity and competence. Watching as children (and adults!) of all ages turned junk into treasures, explored and created to their hearts’ content and stretched the limits of their own abilities (even building fires!), Amy felt compelled to share what she learned, writing the acclaimed book, Savage Park: A Meditation on Play, Space and Risk for Americans Who Are Nervous, Distracted and Afraid to Die. Amy’s conversation with Marti & Erin may challenge you to land your helicopter and find new ways to encourage your children’s play and exploration!


How is the adventure playground Amy Fusselman describes different from the playgrounds where your children play? What is the role of the adults? How could you incorporate some of these opportunities for creative exploration into your child’s life even if there’s not an adventure playground where you live? Leave a comment below!


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