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Picky Eating: Practical Steps for Concerned Parents

Katja Rowell & Jenny McGlothlin_bookProviding proper nourishment for our children is one of the basics of parenting, so when our children reject our healthful offerings we may panic. This week’s Mom Enough guest, speech clinician and author Jenny McGlothlin, talks with Marti & Erin about how to discern ordinary picky eating from a more serious feeding disorder. And drawing on STEPS, a feeding program she developed at the University of Texas in Dallas, she offers guidance for helping children work through feeding problems.


After the interview with Jenny, stay tuned for a Relationships that Nurture brief with Katie Adler from St. David’s Center talking about stuttering, an issue Marti confronted in her son’s early years.


What has been your experience with picky eating in your family? How have you and others handled picky eating? After hearing this Mom Enough discussion on picky eating, what would you do differently now? Leave a comment below!


For Helping Your Child with Extreme Picky Eating, click here.

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