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Helping Your Children through Life’s Humiliating, Embarrassing Moments: A Conversation with Children’s Author Nancy Carlson

Carlson,Nancy_book2Nancy Carlson understands children’s feelings and turns that understanding into delightful picture books that help children confront some of life’s most embarrassing moments and experiences. In this lively, free-wheeling discussion with Marti & Erin, Nancy highlights her two most recent books: the self-explanatory Sometimes You Barf and It’s OK to Ask!, a wonderful story about how to help your children connect with and respond to children with visible disabilities (a collaboration with Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare). Tune in so you and your children can benefit from the insights and humor in this special Mom Enough show.


What embarrassing moments or humiliating experiences do you remember from your childhood? What could adults have done to make them less embarrassing for you? How can you make it easier for your children when they encounter something similar? Leave a comment below!


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