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Keeping Children Safe in the Car: The Latest Child Passenger Safety Laws and Best Practices from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety

child passenger safety guest Heather DarbyAccording to the CDC, car crashes continue to be the leading cause of death and serious injury for children under 14 years of age. But there is much we can do to reduce the risk for our children. The first step is to know and follow not only the laws about child passenger safety, but best practices that go beyond the legal requirements. Heather Darby, child passenger safety and occupant protection coordinator for the DPS Office of Traffic Safety, joins Marti & Erin for a conversation you won’t want to miss, for your children’s safety and your own peace of mind.


Think about your own driving habits and those of other adults who drive your children. To what extent are you following best practices for your children’s safety? What could you do to improve child passenger safety in your vehicle? Leave a comment below!


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