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The Power of the Teenage Brain: An Interview with Psychiatry Professor and Author, Dr. Dan Siegel

Siegel,Dan_book2As parents, many of us are uneasy about how we will see our children through adolescence – how we’ll handle the times when they push away from us or engage in risky behaviors. But UCLA professor Dr. Dan Siegel sees a great opportunity in the teen years for parents and other caring adults to capitalize on the teenage brain changes and provide the guidance and encouragement that will move teens toward a vibrant, healthy adulthood. In his conversation with Marti & Erin, Dr. Siegel debunks common myths of adolescence, illuminates exciting changes in the teenage brain and offers practical tips for parents and teens.


What are some of the myths that were challenged by Dr. Dan Siegel in this Mom Enough discussion about the teenage brain? What new ideas did you hear about what teens need during this important developmental period? Leave a comment below!


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