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Teaching children time management skills

Are your children (and you!) struggling to stay on top of homework, get enough sleep, eat healthy, relaxed meals and find time for a little fun? Maybe the underlying problem is time management! But beyond the preschool years, parents really can’t manage their kids’ time; instead they need to help kids build those important skills for themselves – skills that will last a lifetime.


Here are tips Marti shared with KARE 11 News at 11‘s Diana Pierce:

1) Engage your child in assessing and planning

2) Consider bedtimes and waking times

3) Create a master calendar for the week

4) Prioritize and reduce commitments as needed

5) Once a week, ask together “How’s it working?”


To view the video of this KARE 11 News at 11 segment, play the video box above.

To read about teaching children time management skills, click here.

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