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Qualities of an Effective Parent-Child Relationship: A New Study from Search Institute

parent child relationship guest Gene RoehkepartainFor decades, Search Institute has studied assets that are most important for helping children and teens grow up well. In their latest study, they examine the importance of five key strategies in developmental relationships in the family:

1) Express care

2) Challenge to grow

3) Support

4) Share power

5) Expand possibilities


Tune into this week’s Mom Enough show to hear Gene Roehlkepartain discuss how these strategies benefit children, which are most often missing in the families Search studied, and what you can do to apply these important parent-child relationship findings for your child’s lifelong success.


What was surprising to you about the findings from this Search Institute study? Why do you think so many families have trouble sharing power? What practical ideas did you take away from this Mom Enough discussion on the parent-child relationship? Leave a comment below!


To read the report and other material from the study, click here.

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