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Parenting with Purpose: Respectful Discipline for Children of Any Age

RYG Cover_Color.epsSo many power struggles can be avoided when children have an opportunity to choose for themselves or to have a voice in family decisions. But how do you know when it’s time to negotiate with a child and when it’s time to just lay down the law? This week’s guest, parent educator Dr. Ada Alden, has developed a Red Yellow Green Framework for respectful discipline to help you sort that out. And she offers some great tips for how family meetings can strengthen your family’s relationships and help you “work yourself out of a job” – the overall goal in parenting, right? (Erin is excited to begin family meetings in her household and you will be too!)


Thinking about the Red Yellow Green Framework for respectful discipline discussed in this Mom Enough show, name some of the things that would be in the red (not OK) category for your children. What about the green category (good to do!)? What are some yellow issues where your children could have more choices? How could family meetings add to the quality of your family life and to your children’s development of wise decision-making? Leave a comment below!


For Ada’s web site on Purposeful Parenting, click here.

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