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Helping Your Child Maintain a Healthy Body and Positive Body Image: A Conversation with University of Minnesota Researcher Katie Loth

Loth,Katie_hsWherever we and our children look, we confront ads for the latest ways to get “the perfect body” along with air-brushed images of celebrities with unattainable bodies. How do those messages influence your child’s eating behavior and body image? Even more important, what can you do to counteract those unhelpful influences and support your son or daughter in maintaining a strong healthy body and feeling good about his or her body image? Dr. Katie Loth, from the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health at the University of Minnesota, joins Marti & Erin to discuss some recent research findings that might surprise you. And she offers practical tips that will help you be more reflective about the subtle ways you shape your child’s attitude, behavior and self-acceptance.


How do Katie Loth’s research findings about body image and weight gain compare to what people often think about how to encourage weight loss or prevent weight gain in girls and young women? Why do you think the pattern was different for boys and girls? Reflecting on your own words and actions, in what ways could you improve the way you support healthy behavior and body image? Leave a comment below!


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