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The Mother-Daughter Relationship, for Better or Worse: A Conversation with Psychologist and Author Roni Cohen-Sandler

mother-daughter relationship book by Dr. Roni Cohen-SandlerAs Marti & Erin know well, the mother-daughter relationship can offer a special kind of emotional closeness, mutual support and a lot of fun over the years. But at times it also can be fraught with tension and conflict (e.g. why are you giving me that look?!). This week’s Mom Enough guest is very familiar with the joys and challenges of mother-daughter relationships, both as a mom and as a longtime clinical psychologist working with parents and children. In this candid and thoughtful conversation, Dr. Roni Cohen-Sandler, author of I’m Not Mad, I Just Hate You! joins Marti & Erin to explore some of the underlying reasons for mother-daughter tension, as well as strategies for ensuring that your mother-daughter relationship survives and thrives through the teen years – strategies that need to start long before adolescence.


What has been your experience of mother-daughter relationship conflict as a mom, a daughter or even as a dad or brother living alongside that tension? What fresh insights did you get from this Mom Enough discussion? What do you think is most important to maintaining a close mother-daughter relationship even through those challenges? Leave a comment below!


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