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Being the Best Youth Sports Parent You Can Be: Wisdom from Coach and Psychology Professor John Tauer

Tauer,John_bookDr. John Tauer is in a relatively unique position as both a coach of one of the winningest basketball teams in the country and a psychology professor who studies motivation at the University of St. Thomas. He doesn’t always like what he sees in youth sports and coined the acronym “WOSP” (well-intentioned, overinvolved sports parents) for his recent book, Why Less Is More for WOSPS: How to Be the Best Sports Parent You Can Be. A big believer in the potential of youth sports to build character, discipline, teamwork and conflict resolution skills, Tauer nonetheless challenges the extreme and unrealistic ways too many of us parents approach our children’s athletic involvement. He offers tips for healthier ways to help our kids build a more balanced set of skills and interests that will serve them throughout life, while still celebrating the joys and benefits of youth sports.


What are some of the personal qualities John Tauer identifies as benefits of organized youth sports? How do those benefits match what you see among young athletes in your school district or on sports teams you’ve watched? What insights or advice in this Mom Enough discussion were most interesting and helpful to you?


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