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Raising Your Spirited Child: A Conversation with Author Mary Sheedy Kurcinka

Kurcinka,Mary Sheedy_bookLet’s face it; some children have us walking on eggshells. They get rattled when something interferes with their usual routine. If we try to rush them out the door in the morning – or if they’ve missed a couple hours of sleep – they may go into a complete meltdown. Parent educator and author Mary Sheedy Kurcinka calls these children “spirited” and, in her popular book, Raising Your Spirited Child (just released in its 3rd edition), helps us understand what’s going on in the brains and bodies of these children. In this week’s Mom Enough show, Mary offers practical, concrete tips for helping a spirited child adapt and thrive. Marti & Erin have some stories and insights about the spirited children in their own family, too!


How does this week’s guest, Mary Sheedy Kurcinka, define what she calls the “spirited child”? Do you have or know a child who fits that profile? What in this Mom Enough discussion helped you better understand that child’s behavior and think about what you can do to help that spirited child (and those around him or her) be more comfortable and adaptable?


For Mary’s resources, click here.

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