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Bullied: How Teachers, Parents and Children Can Put a Stop to Bullying

Goldman,Carrie_bookWhen a child is bullied in words or actions the pain can last a lifetime. Even witnessing bullying can lead to anxiety and depression. Children who bully also are at high risk for a host of long-term problems, so it’s in everyone’s interest to bring an end to this widespread problem. After classmates taunted Carrie Goldman’s adopted daughter for carrying a Star Wars lunchbox, Carrie’s subsequent blog hit the national news. The outpouring of support she and her daughter received inspired Carrie to write Bullied, a book that is packed with proven tips for helping victims, bystanders and bullies themselves turn these destructive patterns around. Don’t miss this important Mom Enough conversation!


Do you remember being bullied as a child? How did you feel and what did you do about it? How would you coach your child to respond in a similar situation? What helpful ideas did you hear in this week’s Mom Enough discussion?


For Carrie’s blog, click here.

For Nicki Crick’s research on relational aggression in girls, click here.

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