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Speech and Language Development in Early Childhood: Common Problems and What to Do about Them

Adler,Katie_hsFor young children, speech and language development occurs at varying rates. So how do you know when your child is just learning at his or her own pace or when there might be a speech problem that needs further assessment or intervention? If there is a problem with articulation or fluency, how might that influence other aspects of your child’s learning? And what is the most supportive and helpful way to respond? Katie Adler, speech and language therapist at St. David’s Center, brings years of experience to her discussion of speech and language development in this week’s Mom Enough show.


Have you or someone in your family had a speech problem (e.g. stuttering, pronouncing certain sounds incorrectly)? Why and how can that affect other aspects of a child’s social development? Literacy? Confidence? What language development ideas or tips did you get from this Mom Enough show?


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