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Helping Our Children Build Self-Compassion: Keys to Kindness, Gratitude and Compassion for Others

Mirgain,Shilagh_hsWe’ve all heard the question, “What kind of world are we leaving for our children?” But Dr. Shilagh Mirgain, a health and sport psychologist at the University of Wisconsin, turns that question on its head and asks, “What kind of children are we leaving for our world?” Whatever the ages of your children, don’t miss this inspiring and practical discussion of how to help your children develop compassion for themselves and others, recognizing the common humanity, vulnerability and imperfection we all share. Learn concrete steps you can take today to help your children build self-compassion and be more grateful, kind and mindful in their daily lives.  


This week’s Mom Enough guest talks about the importance of “showing up for yourself as you would for a dear friend.” Give examples of what that would look like in your life. What concrete steps could you take to help your children treat themselves with such self-compassion?


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