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Bladder Leakage, Pelvic Floor Issues and Other Uro-gynecological Problems: A Candid Conversation with Dr. Beth Frankman from Park Nicollet Health Services

Frankman,Elizabeth_hsFor many of us moms, one of the lingering problems after childbirth is bladder leakage when we cough or sneeze or – heaven forbid – jump on a trampoline! Other problems, including prolapsed uterus or, especially as we age, bowel leakage, also may cause discomfort and embarrassment. But, as Dr. Beth Frankman from Park Nicollet Women’s Center explains on Mom Enough, there are effective ways to prevent or treat these uro-gynecological problems. Tune in to hear this reassuring and helpful information – and some candid confessions from Marti & Erin!


Have you experienced bladder leakage or any of the uro-gynecological problems discussed in this week’s Mom Enough show? What did you learn that was reassuring or helpful? What steps might you take to address the problems you have experienced?


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