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Building Good ‘Financial Parenting’ Skills: It’s Never Too Late (or Too Early!) To Begin

Financial parenting guest Dr. Joyce SeridoMost of us probably know a young adult who has maxed out credit cards, failed to live within a budget, been blindsided by unexpected expenses and gone running home to Mom and Dad for a bailout. And most of us probably hope (or swear) that our kids won’t make those same bad decisions. So, what can we do right now, whatever the ages of our children? Dr. Joyce Serido, from the University of Minnesota’s Department of Family Social Science, has focused her career on studying how families interact around financial matters and helping parents build effective skills and practices in what she calls ‘financial parenting.’ Tune into this lively and informative discussion about raising kids who are financially competent. Even if you have an adult child who already is overly dependent on you for financial assistance, you will get ideas about how to begin to turn that around!


How are you doing ‘financial parenting’ with your children? Based on what you heard in this Mom Enough discussion, what would you like to do differently? How will you begin?


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