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Benefits of Mentoring and Qualities of Effective Mentors for Children and Youth

Weiler,Lindsey_hsOne caring, supportive adult can make all the difference in the life of a young person who is struggling or living in high-risk circumstances. But all children can benefit from an adult who invests time to teach them new skills or help them discover new possibilities. (Chances are you know this from your own life!) This week’s Mom Enough guest is Dr. Lindsey Weiler, a University of Minnesota professor and therapist who studies why and how mentoring matters, as well as the qualities of the most effective mentors. Whether you are looking for a mentor or are considering becoming one, this discussion is for you.


What experience have you had with mentoring, formal or informal, as a mentor or the one being mentored? How did your experience match what this week’s Mom Enough guest identified as important qualities for an effective mentor?


For the Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota, click here.

To locate a mentor in Minnesota, click here.

For the National Mentoring Partnership, click here.

To locate a mentor in your state, click here.

For the National Mentoring Resource Center, click here.

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