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Raising a “Gutsy Girl”: A Conversation with Adventurer and Author Caroline Paul

Paul,Caroline_bookStudies have shown that parents are likely either to warn their daughters away from challenging physical activities or to help them so much that they don’t accomplish the task on their own. With sons, however, parents are more likely to “be brave” and to guide them in how to complete the task on their own. Caroline Paul believes we too often undermine girls’ competence and self-esteem and deprive them of exhilarating adventures. So she’s written a unique guidebook for girls (and women!) that is packed with stories of her own adventures and those of other daring women, practical tips on changing a tire or climbing a mountain, entertaining illustrations by Wendy McNaughton and space for the reader to journal about her own escapades. She brings her ideas to life in this enthusiastic conversation with Marti, who describes a few adventures of her own!


What messages did you get as a girl about taking on challenging or somewhat risky activities? To what extent are your messages to your daughter the same or different? Would you like to encourage your daughter to be more adventurous? And would you like to have some lively adventures yourself? How could you begin?


For Caroline’s New York Times article, click here.

For the official website for The Gutsy Girl, click here.

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