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Not How I Thought It Would Be: One Mom’s Story of Creating Meaningful Work that Set Her Free

Greene,Caroline_bookCaroline Greene was a self-described over-achiever, attending the best schools, becoming a successful attorney and marrying a man she calls “a saint.” But when she became a mother, she found herself empty of passion, struggling to find the love and joy she had expected to feel as a new mom. Wisely seeking therapy, Caroline not only got help for postpartum depression but began to peel away the messages and expectations with which she had grown up, discovering a new vision of a career (a life!) that was right for her and her family. Caroline brings her story of finding meaningful work to this week’s Mom Enough show, a story that may inspire you to reflect on the ways in which you are and are not following your heart.


Think about the life you are living – work, family, friends, activities that bring you health and joy. To what extent is this the life you want for yourself and your family? To what extent are you silencing your inner voice to meet someone else’s expectations? What steps could you take to change that? What would be meaningful work for you?


For Caroline’s blog, click here.

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