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The 10th Annual Motherhood & Words Reading: A Special Mom Enough Production

Motherhood&Words2016_descKate Hopper’s mission is to shine light on authentic writing by gifted authors who are mothers. An accomplished author herself, Kate brings writers to The Loft Literary Center each year to read their work, revealing rich and profound stories within the everyday lives of mothers. This year’s Motherhood & Words event features: Sherrie Fernandez-Williams reading from Soft, a raw and beautiful memoir of rising above poverty and a destructive marriage to find strength, hope and a fresh understanding of who she is; Andria Williams, whose compelling novel, The Longest Night, draws on Andria’s experience as a military wife to take us back to the nuclear threats, secrecy and gender constraints of the 1960s; and Kate Hopper reading from an essay about her struggle with a puzzling illness and the insights she gained about her coping strategies, as reflected in the eyes of her young daughter.


Listening to the readings by these three authors, what resonated for you in terms of your own experiences as a mother? What do you see as the greatest value in hearing or reading other mothers’ stories?


For Kate’s website, click here.

For Sherrie’s website, click here.

For Andria’s website, click here.

For Motherhood & Words, click here.

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