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Why Do Teens Behave That Way? A Conversation about the Teenage Brain with Dr. Dave Walsh

Walsh,Dave_bookThe teen (and tween) years are a time of major change in our children’s bodies and brains. Along with some of the wonderful growth in reasoning ability and independence comes a necessary challenging of parents’ ideas and authority. This often leaves parents feeling frustrated and unsure how to provide the guidance and protection our sons and daughters still need, especially in light of the risky behavior that is so tempting to adolescents. Psychologist David Walsh, author of Why Do They Act That Way, joins Marti & Erin for an enlightening discussion of what’s happening in the teenage brain and how that helps explain behavior. And he affirms the importance of staying closely connected even when teens seem to push us away.


What did you learn in this Mom Enough discussion of the teenage brain that helped you understand the behavior of adolescents in your family or community? What creative ways can you think of to help teens find the thrills they desire in ways that are safe and positive?

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