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Understanding and Preventing Heart Disease in Women: A Conversation with Cardiologist Elizabeth Grey from the Minneapolis Heart Institute

Grey,Elizabeth_hsDid you know that heart disease is the number one killer of women and that death rates are increasing in women ages 35 to 54? Too many of us women are not aware, nor do we know about the risk factors and warning signs that are unique to women. But knowledge is power and, in many cases, heart disease in women and related deaths are preventable. Women of all ages need the information Dr. Elizabeth Grey provides in her conversation with Marti in this week’s Mom Enough show. This is crucial information not only for our own health, but also our children’s, whether they are infants or teens; it’s never too early to establish healthy patterns that help prevent heart disease.


What new information about heart disease in women did you gain from this Mom Enough discussion with cardiologist Elizabeth Grey? Given her guidance about preventing heart disease, in what ways could you take steps to reduce the risk of heart disease for yourself? For your children?


For a tip sheet on heart disease in women, click here.

For the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation, click here.

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