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Supporting Your Teen’s Sexual Health and Effective Use of Health Care: A Conversation with Dr. Amy Bonifas from Park Nicollet

Bonifas,Amy_hsMany of us are uneasy talking with our adolescents about topics related to teen sexual health, such as how to prevent sexually transmitted infections or choose the most effective birth control. We may worry that talking about these issues will encourage our kids to become sexually active too soon. But our sons and daughters are more likely to make wise and healthy choices if we talk openly and supportively with them. Family physician Amy Bonifas joins Marti & Erin for a candid and informative discussion of what your teens need to know and what you can expect when you take your adolescent daughter for a medical visit.


What have you taught your kids about sexual health? How do you feel about talking with them about this sensitive and important topic? What did you find most helpful and interesting in Marti & Erin’s teen sexual health conversation with Dr. Bonifas?

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