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Helping Children Understand Weather: Learning with Belinda Jensen and “Bel, the Weather Girl”

Jensen,Belinda_booksIt’s common for children (and adults, for that matter) to worry about the dangers of tornadoes, blizzards and other major weather events. And, worried or not, we and our children may wonder about the meaning of different kinds of clouds or how a hail storm happens on a hot summer day. Belinda Jensen turned her own childhood curiosity into a career as a popular meteorologist on KARE-TV (NBC). Now she has written a 6-book children’s series that is sure to fuel fascination with the weather and, as she discusses with Marti & Erin, also help more girls and boys discover the excitement of learning about science.


What questions or concerns do your children have about the weather? What helpful ideas did you get from this Mom Enough show with Belinda Jensen for addressing children’s worries and promoting their curiosity and learning?


To learn more about Belinda’s books, click here.

For Bel the Weather Girl experiments you can try at home, click here.

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