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Talking about Tough Topics with Your Children: Helpful Tips from Psychologist Kate Rickord for Having Difficult Conversations

Rickord,Kate_hsWhether it’s news accounts of natural disasters or terrorism, sexually loaded images on TV or marital conflict in our own homes, many things in our children’s daily lives compel us to have uncomfortable or difficult conversations. What can children manage or comprehend at different ages? What words should we use – and what tone should we strive for – when children ask questions that make us squirm? How do we help children feel safe and secure while still being honest about the hard things that can and do happen in the real world? Psychologist Kate Rickord from St. David’s Center for Child & Family Development joins Marti & Erin for a thoughtful conversation about addressing tough topics and having difficult conversations with your children, whatever their ages.


What topics do you find most uncomfortable to discuss with your children? What did you find helpful in this Mom Enough discussion?


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