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What We Need to Know about Vaccines and the Health of Our Children, Tots to Teens

Singh,Andrea_hsScientific breakthroughs have led to vaccines that have eliminated illnesses that used to cause death or lasting disabilities for both children and adults. (Marti remembers all too well the polio epidemic that struck the small town where her family lived before the polio vaccine was available.) Even when diseases have not been eradicated, vaccines offer significant protection to our children and society as a whole. Recently developed immunizations like the HPV vaccine provide protection against deadly cancers. To make sure you understand the best way to protect your children’s health, Marti & Erin welcome Dr. Andrea Singh from Park Nicollet Health Services for a crucial discussion of this important issue.


What new information did you gain from this Mom Enough discussion of immunizations? Do you have concerns about vaccines for your child? If so, where can you turn for scientifically accurate information?


For Park Nicollet Health Services, click here.

For suggested well-child visits (ages birth to 21 years) and immunizations, click here.

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  1. Jodi Lewis on August 3, 2016

    Loved this discussion, and totally agree with vaccinating kids including the HPV vaccine. I did just want to address something Erin mentioned with regard to the American College of Pediatricians. The American College of Pediatricians is an extremely reputable organization which has repeatedly recommended the use of all vaccines, including the HPV vaccine. I was concerned that such a reputable organization would recommend against the HPV vaccine, so I Googled it and I found the page you referred to. However, this page was actually an organization called Vaccine Impact, NOT the ACPeds. The ACPeds did publish some concerns with regard to Premature Ovarian Failure that they will study further. The possible link was published on January 27th of this year. On February 1st they published a clarifying statement that they are still recommending the vaccine until a casual relationship can be proven. Vaccine Impact is taking only parts of the first release and not even mentioning the second in an effort to further their agenda at the expense of a reputable organization. This is nothing new. I just wanted to make clear that the ACPeds is indeed a reliable, pro-vaccine organization. Thanks for the great discussion!