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4 steps for easing the morning hassle as kids go back to school

Us_easing the morning hassleCheck out this helpful, brief article on easing the morning hassle as kids go back to school. Marti is one of several sources for this Us Weekly article by Ingela Ratledge titled, Four No-Fail Ways to Get Your Kids Ready Faster in the Morning.


Here is a piece of the article:


Can’t seem to get your family’s act together before the school bell rings? Follow these steps to help everyone in the household get up and at ’em and on their way.


Step One: Do a Dry Run


Step Two: Re-evaluate Bedtimes


Step Three: Set the Stage for Success

“Anything that will have you scrambling around in the morning should be done in advance the night before,” says Dr. Marti Erickson, PhD, a developmental psychologist and cohost of the Mom Enough podcast. That includes having outfits picked out — socks and undies too! — and packing lunches. “Also, set the table for breakfast and put out the items that don’t require refrigeration,” Erickson tells Us. “If you haven’t already, put your children in charge of prepping their own school bags,” advises Dr. Stephanie Donaldson-Pressman, clinical director of the New England Center for Pediatric Psychology and author of The Learning Habit. “After homework time is done, they should put everything they’ll need for the following day — books, sports equipment, etc. — into their backpacks and place them by the front door.”


Step Four: Offer a Visual Aid as the Finishing Touch


To read Ingela’s entire article, click here.

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