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Environments and Experiences that Promote Grit, Character and Success: A Conversation with Author Paul Tough

Tough,Paul_book2In his popular book How Children Succeed (2012), Paul Tough identified qualities like grit, curiosity, self-control and optimism as most important to children’s longterm success. Drawing on a wealth of research (including the Minnesota Longitudinal Study of Risk & Adaptation), Paul challenged the ways we often try to predict or measure success and helped change the public conversation about the kinds of experience and environments children need from infancy to adulthood. Responding to readers’ desire for more practical recommendations about how to put these ideas into practice, Paul wrote a follow-up book, Helping Children Succeed. He joins Marti & Erin for a lively discussion of what parents, educators and others can do to help all children develop the qualities that will allow them to thrive in school and life.


What has your own experience taught you about the qualities Paul Tough discussed with Marti & Erin in this Mom Enough interview? For example, how do you think your childhood environment and experience influenced your grit, curiosity and self-control? What are you doing – or what can you do – to help your children develop those qualities?


For our How Children Succeed interview with Paul, click here.

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