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School Anxiety: Understanding Causes and Finding Effective Strategies

Hart,Jordan_hs2Many children of all ages experience school anxiety, whether stressing out about academic performance, fearing bullies on the bus or feeling overwhelmed by separation anxiety when it’s time to leave home. This week’s Mom Enough guest, clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan Hart, has worked with many children and families who are struggling with these problems. And she brings to her conversation with Marti & Erin practical, effective, evidence-based advice for how parents can help children overcome school anxiety and build skills that will help them meet challenges throughout their lives.


Has your child experienced school anxiety? How did your child communicate those feelings to you and how did you respond? How did your response match what Dr. Jordan Hart advised in this Mom Enough discussion?


SDC Logo cmykNote: At the end of this interview, stay tuned for a brief Relationships that Nurture feature on early language development and when you need to be concerned about your child’s language, brought to you by St. David’s Center for Child and Family Development.


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