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Erin shares one of her family’s new school year rituals

strib_school-ritualsErin was one of the contributors in Aimee Blanchette‘s Star Tribune article titled Minnesota families share A+ rituals to ring in the new school year. Here is an excerpt:


“Erin Erickson’s goal at the start of the school year is to keep things simple and intentional. The Minneapolis mother of three does her best to avoid the bombardment of messages suggesting that parents need to adopt Pinterest-worthy rituals to make their kids’ lives magical. “It’s just not realistic,” said Erickson, owner and co-host of the Mom Enough website and podcast. “It can serve to foster a sense of competition among parents and children,” she said. “So many things we see on social media play into moms feeling not good enough. Sometimes something simple is the most meaningful.”


At Erickson’s house, a simple idea transformed into a new back-to-school ritual this year. The family sat down to dinner a week before school started and had a conversation about their goals and dreams for the new school year. Each family member then shared how they could help each other reach their goals. “It was nice as a family to each contribute to setting each person on the right path for the year,” she said. “The dreams ranged from getting straight A’s to my 10-year-old son saying he wanted to fly. It was fun for us as parents to think about what we want, too.””


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